DC Rainmaker Review

I love this little thing

Ultimately, I love this little thing. It just works. Every time. I charge it, and quickly slide it on my bike, then off I ride. If/when I need to grab footage – it’s easy to do.

Ray Maker / DC Rainmaker
Bicycling Review

Designed to Keep Cyclists Safe

I’ve come to really appreciate the Fly12’s safety features—to the point where I don’t really want to ride without it now. It gives me and my wife some peace of mind.

Gardy Raymond / Bicycling
BikeRadar Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick

It’s this type of safety-conscience technology that is making a real difference out on the roads.

David Rome / BikeRadar
Total Women's Cycling Review

Record what’s going on behind you, and light yourself up on the road

We think the Fly6 does a great job of showing what’s going on behind you. It’s easy to fit, easy to use and provides the light you need to be seen.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan / Total Women's Cycling
Cycling Tips Review

Clever all-in-one video camera and LED safety device

Cycliq practically introduced the two-wheeled equivalent of dashboard cameras when it launched the original Fly6 in 2014. Almost instantly, the internet was inundated with rear-facing videos.

James Huang / CyclingTips
Wired Fly12 Review

The Fly12 from Cycliq is a multitool for the front of your bike.

Makes you visible. A built-in HD camera with audio captures you’re adventures on the way home or provides YouTubeable proof.

Michael Calore and Jakob Schiller / Wired
CyclingWeekly Review

Must have commuting accessory

Combining visibility with the reassurance of constantly recording HD video puts the Cycliq Fly6 at the head of the must have commuting accessories.

James Bracey / Cycling Weekly
Road Cycling UK Review

Smart design and some innovative features

The Cycliq Fly12 is an innovative product which has the safety of its users at its heart.

John Hill / Road Cycling UK
Road.cc Review

Great as a camera and effective as a backlight

Great safety product whose genius lies in its simplicity of use. Great as a camera and effective as a backlight.

George Hill / Road.cc

Cycliq Fly6 en Fly12, lamp, camera en alarm ineen

De videokwaliteit is prima, en dankzij de verlichting ben je (ook overdag) goed zichtbaar.

Edwin Haan / Fiets.nl

Topkwaliteit video’s maken wordt kinderspel

Volledig herontwikkeld om de bikers een betere beeldkwaliteit te geven, een krachtiger fietsverlichting, plus een batterij die langer meegaat.

Peter Deconinck / Mountainbike.be

L’alliance d’une lampe avant et d’une caméra HD

La qualité de la vidéo est bonne. L’optique grand angle permet d’avoir une vision très large.

Guillaume Robert / matosvelo.fr


“Designed specifically to meet bike rider’s requirements”

– Simon Richardson, ex pro cyclist and GCN presenter

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