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The Fly6 Pro Silicone Case is a protective accessory designed specifically for the Fly6 Pro rear light and camera, ensuring your device remains shielded from scratches, bumps, drops, and splatter from the rear wheel. Crafted to fit snugly around the Fly6 Pro, this case is lightweight, weighing only 15 grams, and does not impede the device’s functionality. It includes raised buttons for easy operation, as well as precise cutouts for attaching a safety tether, accessing the OLED screen, and the device’s side door. Available in three colors—Black, Red, and Hi-vis Yellow—it allows for personal customization while maintaining visibility.

Yellow Silicone Case for Cycliq Fly6 Pro Dashcam
Protective Silicone Case for the Fly6 Pro Rear Light and Camera
Black Fly6 Pro Protective Silicone Case

The Fly6 Pro Silicone Case offers comprehensive protection, enhancing the durability and safety of your Fly6 Pro. It's perfect for cyclists who want to protect their Fly6 Pro rear light and camera from scratches, bumps, drops, and rear wheel splatter.

Available in three colors—Black, Red, and Hi-vis Yellow—this case allows you to personalize your device while keeping it visible and safe during rides.

Tailored to snugly fit the Fly6 Pro, the silicone case adds only minimal weight (15 grams) to your setup, ensuring no compromise on performance or portability. It features raised buttons for hassle-free operation and precise cutouts for easy access to the safety tether, OLED screen, and side door, thus enhancing usability without sacrificing protection.

Compatible with all Fly6 Pro mounts, including seat post, rear pannier, and universal adapter, the case offers flexibility in mounting your device.

Please note, this silicone case is specifically designed for the Fly6 Pro model to ensure a perfect fit and optimal protection. The Fly6 Pro device is not included.


Product Specs

Weight: 25 g

Dimensions: 16 × 10 × 3 cm

Colour: Black, Red, Hi-vis Yellow


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