Cyclist: Year in bike tech - The Cyclist team's favourites from 2016

The Cyclist team give their favourite new products from 2016 in 5 categories: Bike, kit, component, accessory & innovation

2016 has been a bumper year in the world of bike tech, so we decided to pay homage to the oodles of new product releases by remembering our favourites.  

We asked each of our discerning tech writers to single out one product from five categories - bikes, kit, components, accessories and innovation - that they'd describe as their favourite new release from 2016. The reasoning could be that it was simply a fantastic product, or that they had the original wotzit when it first came out in 1994 and nothing else will ever compare, ever. But we asked them to give their reasons anyway. 

Here's what they thought: 

Peter Stuart, Commissioning Editor

Bike: Open U.P

Open U.P.

"When I first saw the Open U.P it was a strange sort of abomination, attempting to bridge the gap between road and mountain bikes with 650B wheels and almost infinite permutations of wheel and tyre combinations. When I started riding it, it was just about the most fun I'd ever had on a bicycle. Former Cervelo founder Gerard Vroomen has shown with the U.P that he just fundamentally gets cycling."

Component: Garmin Vector 2 pedals

Garmin Vector 2 power meter

"A huge amount of data, quick switchability between bikes and a reliable reading in all conditions make the Garmin Vector 2 pedals my go-to power meter, and a good bet for a quick route to good form."

Garmin Vector 2 pedals long term review

Accessory: Cycliq Fly6 rear light

"A rear light with a camera may seem like a gimmick, but not only is the Fly6 an excellent safety measure should you be tipped off the bike, but a pretty great camera too. Filming in HD, it can do a great job of capturing a dramatic mountain descent."

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