Carmichael Training Systems: The Ultimate 2016 Gift Guide for Endurance Athletes


Athletes are hard to purchase gifts for (just ask your significant other). Most people who are not athletes have no idea what you might need, enjoy, or actually use. That’s why you get things like runner wind chimes or a bicycle-shaped corkscrew. Those poor gift givers know you are into endurance sports and want to get you something related to what you love to do, so help them out. Leave this article open on your computer. “Accidently” email it to them. Better yet, tell their closest friends what you really want and let nature take its course.

Now, before getting to the gift list, I’m going to be totally upfront with you. Every time I talk about products someone barks about advertising or infomercials, so I’m breaking this list into parts. The first list consists of products I think are useful and cool from companies CTS does not currently have partnerships with. The second list includes a mixture of gift ideas from CTS and CTS partners, because the great people who buy those products make it possible for us send out free content three times a week.

The Ultimate 2016 Gift Guide



The first time I heard this bell it was when Coach Jim Lehman rode up behind me on the bike path. Instead of a tinny, weak clang I heard a loud and musical ding. The Spurcycle bell is a high-quality, well-crafted product, and it doesn’t rattle when you hit bumps or ride gravel. For the style-conscious, it is also small and understated on the bars.



For most of my life on bikes I considered reflectors and flashers to be something only kids and commuters used. I’ve changed my tune recently, however, because new products are so bright, so light, and so easy that there’s really no excuse not to use them. One of the products I like is the Cycliq Fly6, which combines a red rear flasher with a camera that continuously captures footage and saves it if you want it to or if you’re involved in a crash.

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