Bicycling Australia: Ultimate Cyclist Gift Guide

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Christmas is the time for giving, and to make the giving easier we've got some suggestions that your cyclist of choice will absolutely love.

7th Day Spinner

"It's all about the bike, and APRÈS VÉLO’s awesome range of cycling inspired casual apparel is a great way to show that.

So, with Christmas on the horizon, we’ve picked out one of the best Tees to buy from the Original Cycling Fashion brands vast collection.

The ride – it’s what cyclists yearn for, right? And this black/charcoal spliced Tee sums up the orders of the cycling Gods perfectly...

“ and on the 7th day though shalt go spinning,” it commands.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves…

APRÈS VÉLO have used cotton elastane jersey for added stretch and comfort. There is a women's version available as well.

RRP $49.95.

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Shotz Electrolyte Tablets

Electrolytes to keep the muscles firing without all the sugar! Shotz tablets are the perfect gift for any cyclist who knows the importance of staying well hydrated on those long summer rides.

Take it from us, you will certainly notice the difference when you swap the 'one size fits all sports drink powders' for the Shotz Electrolyte Tablets.

If you’re sweating it out this summer, make sure you have your Shotz Electrolyte Tablets handy.

10% Discount Code - BIKE

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Cycliq Fly12

The Fly12 is a world first camera and light combination capturing video and audio  in stunning 1080p HD.

It's especially suited for low light or night time navigation putting out 400 lumens of light in four different modes.

There's a built in security function too, so while enjoying coffee mid-ride with friends, the Fly12 will alert you if someone touches/moves your bike.

With up to 10 hours of battery life  you can have a camera that lasts as long as you do. Every Fly12 is shipped with a 16GB microSD class 10 memory card pre-installed, so you can be on the road straight out of the box.

The Cycliq companion app puts the control in you hands. You can adjust settings, view your rides, share clips with friends or upload directly to social media.

RRP: $499

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