Never ride alone

The original all-in-one safety system

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Designed in Australia

Cyclists deserve to feel safe on the roads

Never ride alone

Being dead sucks. And being run over by some distracted driver checking their phone is just insulting. We do what we do for a reason that’s way more important than making gadgets.

We’re here to stop accidents. Change behaviour. Save lives.

With an integrated camera and light safety system, we’ve got your back.

Smart safety

Technology can make you safer on your bike. It can be difference between returning home from a ride in one piece or… not. Whether it’s the peace of mind of knowing that everything is being recorded, or that you’re more visible on the road, the Fly6 will make you feel safe and be seen.

Works hard, looks good

Unless your gear looks the business and performs too, it won’t make the cut. When form and function are expertly blended, they can make a product so easy to use it becomes a habit. Designed in Australia, the Fly6 is built to last.

Safety never looked so good

Feel safe

Recording your ride makes you feel safe. We hear it all the time from our customers. Once you ride with the Fly6, you never look back.

Be seen

You need to be seen to be safe. We’ll get you home in the dark, and you’ll be seen in the day.

Go the distance

Commuting to work or punching out some punishment, we’re with you. Goes strong for 4 hours on our recommended safety settings, and more in camera-only mode, all on a single charge.


Built tough for global conditions. Water resistant with some smart design to keep out the dust, dirt and destruction.

Six appeal

Built to last

Designed in Australia, the 3rd generation Fly6 is ready for anything you can dish out.

Always recording

Auto-looping means you never run out of space on your SD card and you can easily lock any files you want to keep.

Capture number plates

Super-sharp wide-angle HD camera will catch anything you miss.

Black box technology

Hit the deck and the Fly6 automatically locks the video and audio either side of the incident.

Stand out

Be seen day or night, with multiple modes available to increase your visibility.

Ride for hours

Punch out up to 4 hours with our recommended camera and light safety settings, and more in camera-only mode. Fast 2-hour full recharge.

Fly6 CE GEN3

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More of what you need, nothing you don't.
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The safest, smallest Fly6 ever

Technical specifications

Feature Description Specification
Recording Super-crisp HD video and crisp audio 1920 x 1080p @ 30 fps
1280 x 720p @ 60 fps
Lens angle Capture everything 135° wide angle
Video format Segemented video for smart looping MP4
Lumens Be seen day and night 50lm max output
Weight Light but super-tough 75.5g
Dimensions Pocket sized 71mm (H) x 35mm (W) x 40mm (D)
Battery Lasts longer than most rides Up to 4 hours with camera and light, or up to 5 hours in camera only mode
Port 2 hours fast charge USB-C to charge & connect to PC & Mac
Bluetooth® Connect and control your device Bluetooth 5.0

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