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You’ll never ride alone when you have an onboard bike camera

September 23, 2016

When you are in the zone, it’s always good to have a pal watching out for you. With your eyes locked on the road ahead you can feel your legs burning as you push towards hitting a new PB. Your mind becomes focused on the ride itself as you try to finish a little bit faster or making it just a little farther.

At Cycliq, we want you to enjoy the ride, the cycling lifestyle and yet also feel safe on the roads. Cycliq is a company for cyclists, founded by cyclists with one of us all too aware of the exposure on the road. After being shot from behind with a slingshot (right on the ass) Kingsley Fiegert had an idea. If only there was a way of capturing what was happening around him.

Unfortunately, we don’t all ride in the Tour de France or have a motorcycle crew to protect and film us. We’ve turned this motor convoy thing into something a little more convenient; the rear facing Fly6 and forward facing Fly12 camera film and record every route, yet simultaneously function as bike lights. Our products are your eyes on the road (front and back) leaving you to concentrate on your ride. Cycliq’s mission is to raise awareness for road safety. We aim to assist both cyclists and motorists alike in feeling safer on the roads by keeping an eye out on what’s going on around you. By making people aware that cameras may be on bikes, we believe cyclists will be given a little extra space on the roads. Let’s face it, everyone behaves a little better when they know someone’s watching. Would you behave recklessly on the road knowing there’s a speed camera around?

Our products create a high-resolution video of every trip. This means if something happens on your journey, you have a record/witness. You’ve got a helmet to keep your head protected, we just want to add another layer of reassurance. Our products not only increase your visibility with the built in light, but also capture your entire trip on camera. In the unfortunate event of an incident, the footage serves as a third umpire should there be any disagreements between parties. It can help with investigations and has proved very useful in insurance claims and dealing with authorities. Looping video, long battery life, and incident protection functionality all ensure you will always capture and safely keep relevant footage.

On top of capturing the serious stuff, it’s also a great way to record the enjoyments of the cycling lifestyle. Capture beautiful scenery, show off your best climbs/descents or film your friend’s pain face as you break away. Everyone loves a good grimace-face freeze frame on their birthday!

The road has many occupants with some bigger than others. At Cycliq, we’re just trying to make things a little safer for everyone. What’s your experience on the road? We’d love to hear your thoughts on having a record of your trip whilst you are out riding – let us know in the comments below.