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Top 10 Fly6 Videos Of 2014

January 7, 2015

We have seen some epic footage shared by Fly6 customers from around the world. Some were picked up by local news and became viral. We are reminded of our mission to make cyclists feel safer on the roads. Here’s our top 10 most memorable videos of 2014. Wishing you better rides this new year!


#10. Pass Me That Pen, Would You?

Thanks for the pen just what i needed to write down your number plate!

Pass me that pen, would you? from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#9. Who’s In The Wrong?

Not every cycling accident is the fault of the motorist. Sometimes cyclists make mistakes that could potentially lead to serious injury.

Who’s in the wrong? from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#8. Face Plant And Cool Dismount


Cyclist and roundabout get up close and personal.

Face-Plant & Cool Dismount from Cycliq on Vimeo.

#7. Cyclist Causes Accident

Friend or Fo down you go!

Cyclist causes accident from Cycliq on Vimeo.

#6. Bike Path Wipeout

There are basic rules both on the road and on the bike path!

Bike Path Wipe Out from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#5. The Domino Effect

One in all in, there is a lot to be said for keeping your eyes on the ground!

The domino effect from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#4. Wheels On The Bus

A close encounter of the bus kind!

The wheels on the bus, go way to close! from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#3. Paul Ludlow Crash

Up Up and away! This is a bad days cycling!


#2. Oh Deer!

Man vs Wild captured by Fly6

OH DEER! from Cycliq on Vimeo.


#1. Head Over Wheels

Fortunately, the cyclist has been left with only cuts and bruises!

Head over Wheels from Cycliq on Vimeo.