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The best videos of 2018 (so far)

April 11, 2018

Since the new Fly CE Series has been released, we’ve been receiving some great footage from all around the world – from chilly snowstorms to glistening sunshine landscapes. Here’s just a handful of the best videos we’ve been sent this year (so far).

The Best Videos from January

Video of the Month: Ice on the road

“Found an icy stretch of road where it was shaded.”
– Mark Buchwalder, Yellow Springs, Ohio, US

Filmed with a Fly6.

Kissed by a Kite

“Not sure if there was a rodent in the verge or the kite liked my club colours.”
– Roy Carless, Wiltshire, UK

Filmed with a Fly12.

Wheel Kissed

“Strike three.”
– Jamie Lin, Camp Pendleton, California, USA

Filmed with a Fly6.

Dog Almost Takes The Wheel

“Coming over a gradient and a boxer dog ran across in front of me. I was very close to hitting hit.”
– Ronald Garrett in Oconee County, South Carolina, USA

Filmed with a Fly12.

The Best Videos from February

Video of the Month: Cat Slo-mo

“Kamikaze cat near miss on a Penzance Wheelers Cycle Club ride.”
– Andy Williams, Penzance, UK

Filmed with a Fly12 CE.

Dog Gets Too Close

“Heading north on Rancho Santa Fe Road when all of a sudden a good sized dog charges us. The dog was leashed and the owner yanked in time but it still scared the you know what out of us.”
– Eric Combes in Carlsbad, California, US

Filmed with a Fly12.

The Best Videos from March

Video of the Month: Move the Ducks

“Shooing ducks on the road while going past.”
– Eric Chow, Yarra Street, Warrandyte, Melbourne

Filmed with a Fly12.

Coal Rolling in Daytona

“Coal Rolled between Daytona Beach and Palm Coast on Highway A1A in Florida. The horn sounding is from the oncoming line of traffic. This marvel of humanity put about 20 people – our small group and the people in the oncoming cars and motorcycles – at risk with his poor decision making. You’ll even notice the motorcyclist giving the fool a one-fingered salute.”
– Glenn Gunter, Palm Coast, Florida, US

Filmed with a Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE.

Close Call on Canning Mills Road

“Just riding along early one morning…I am riding on the main road and approach a T-junction as a 4WD moves up to the give-way line. The car waits and waits and waits….right up until I’m almost directly in front of it and then the driver decides to shoot out from the intersection…and forces me to swerve and hit the brakes and misses me by about a meter.”
– Darryl Peroni, Martin, Western Australia

Filmed with a Fly12.

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