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Share your journey in 2018

January 17, 2018

We want to see more of what you makes your heart race; breathtaking scenery, friends antics or the downright strange (think kangaroos jumping on to the road, getting swooped by eagles or people in bunny suits walking in the park – and yes, we’ve seen all of this and more!).

Capturing and sharing footage is easy and there are some great monthly prizes to be won, plus the best video of the year (as voted by you) will receive a $5,000 (AUD) voucher from our friends at Punto Tours.

Cycliq Send In Your Videos
So far this year we’ve seen an eastern brown snake in Sydney, an exploding bike chain in Perth, a squirrel getting a little too close for comfort, and a rider going over his handlebars.

Send us your videos

Slip on the Road
This year we want to see more of what makes your everyday commute, your weekend getaways and last-minute sessions on the bike.

Submit your videos by clicking here, and be in the running for monthly prizes. Have a Fly6 CE? You might just get a Fly12 CE sent your way. Got them both? Who knows what we have in store.


Cycliq have partnered with Demand.Film ahead of the release of the documentary MAMIL – a light-hearted, yet insightful, feature-length film that explores the secret lives of middle-aged men through interwoven character stories and vignettes set around the world, and through interviews with experts on cycling and men’s health issues.

From now until April 9th 2018, we’ll be giving away a Cycliq Fly6 CE bike camera every week. For more information, visit the MAMILCAM website.


Punto Tours

Every fortnight we will be posting footage sent in by you – amazing scenery from around the world, the mad antics in your friends’ peloton, or anything you think we need to see! These videos will be voted on at the end of the month and the winner will get some sweet cycling kit.

At the end of the year, we’ll have a bigger prize – a $5,000 (AUD) tour, thanks to Punto Tours Cycling Holidays. Make sure to send in your videos here to be in the running.

What to submit

Use your Cycliq cameras to capture the highlights of your bike life. Anything from:

  • Beautiful rides
  • Crazy stunts
  • Race day moments
  • Family fun
  • Wild encounters
  • Stacks and crashes
  • Special moments
  • Close calls
  • How to tips and tricks

Don’t forget to leave your details so we know where to send your prizes to if you win. Submit your videos by clicking here.