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Share everything: from bike to Facebook in 30 seconds

February 14, 2019

Get sharing and get famous with the new Highlight Reel.

We invented the Fly because above all, we love to ride. And we love to share the best with our mates – talking it up over a coffee or posting our latest antics on social media.

Now available on the CycliqPlus mobile app for Apple and Android, with the Highlight Reel you can create amazing social-sharing ready videos with the click of a button.

Shoot, share and WIN!

We see so much great footage from the Cycliq crew, we want to see what you’ve got to share. Get involved and you’ll have the chance for your highlights to feature in our next ad campaign (plus win some sweet prizes).

• Create a Highlight Reel using the latest CycliqPlus mobile app
• Share to your favourite social platform
• Tag it #cycliq

Our favourites will win a set of Cycliq Fly6 & Fly12 cameras, plus have the option to be used in our next ad campaign. So if you want the chance for that classic stack, hurt locker highlight or crazy close call to be made famous, get the latest CycliqPlus app and get sharing!

Next level socials on the go

This is just the first of many new features on our app, built to get the most out of your Fly and help you share the good, bad and the beautiful of cycling.

How it works

Review and choose your favourite video segments on your phone and then kick back while the CycliqPlus Mobile app does the work, mashing up the best bits to create a highlight reel. Then it’s one click to share to Facebook, Instagram or save for later.

Now you can share your ride highlights straight from your phone faster than you can order a double espresso (our preferred post-ride pick me up).

Check it out here and get sharing for your chance to win!