New Fly6 CE Firmware Update Released: V1.1.26.026

October 31, 2018

Fly6 CE Firmware Update

We release firmware updates for your Fly6 CE to improve features and functionality, and the latest release has been designed primarily to fix a bug which causes the camera battery not to charge to full capacity.

Other key updates include some important improvements to video quality, addition of the Q button footage lock and changes to HomeSafe Mode to maximise your recording time.

Key Updates

Battery Charge Bug – Fixed

Users have reported an issue where the Fly6 CE battery incorrectly appeared to be full, with the charging light turning green before the device is fully charged. This firmware update fixes this bug, so users should experience an increase in the battery life of their device if previously battery life was not as expected.

Q Button Footage Lock

You can now lock sections of footage simply by pressing the Q button for 2 seconds. Three short beeps will sound and the current video segment will be locked, stopping it from being recorded over. Use it to save anything for review later; a close pass, punching out a new KOM (bonus points if you capture the pain on your friends’ faces as you pass them), or anything else that happens that you want to remember.

Improved Video Quality

We’ve improved the video quality from the Fly6 CE and fixed an intermittent issue with some devices dropping frames. Updates include improving auto-exposure performance, improving Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) response time and increasing bitrate to 32Mbps. This does affect the file size, by increasing the files by about 35%, and thus reduces the total recording time before the footage is looped over. On a 32GB SD card with no locked files, we would expect footage to loop after at least 2 hours and 15min.

HomeSafe Mode

HomeSafe Mode has been adjusted to maximise your recording time. HomeSafe Mode is activated when the battery reduces below 12%. At this point, if the Fly6 CE is set to the brightest light mode, the light will be dimmed to medium. If the light mode is medium or low, there will be no change to the light intensity.

Prior to this new firmware update, when HomeSafe mode was activated (once the battery drained to 12%) the Fly6 CE would play the low battery sound – three long beeps. The camera would switch off at the same time and the light would last up to 90 minutes allowing the rider to get home safely.

With this firmware update, the camera switches off once the battery drains to 6%. You will be alerted to the camera switching off by the low battery sound, which is three long beeps. The light will remain on from half an hour to an hour, depending on the strength of the light used.

How to Update Your Firmware

Note: this firmware update has a different procedure to usual as it is targeting a specific bug related to battery performance. Please allow extra time in order to fully discharge and charge the battery before use.

First, double check whether you have the latest firmware by comparing the firmware number on your CycliqPlus app (mobile or desktop). Once you’ve downloaded the CycliqPlus Desktop (Settings) app and connected your Fly6 CE, you can scroll to the bottom of the desktop app to find out what firmware version you currently have. On the CycliqPlus mobile app, you can find the firmware version number through the settings.

If the firmware version reads V1.1.26.026, then you have the latest firmware. If not, please follow the steps in this article to update your firmware.

Additional Update Notes (V1.1.26.026)

  • Idle Mode and Incident Protection Mode were previously turned on by default on new units. This has caused some confusion for first time users who accidentally activate these modes, leading to confusion about battery life and device performance. For all new devices, these modes are off by default and can be activated through the CycliqPlus mobile app or desktop app. For current users, the firmware update will not change any settings.
  • Previously Idle Mode would turn the Fly6 CE off following 15 minutes of inactivity. With this release, Idle Mode activates 15 minutes after the current recording segment is completed.
  • The low battery sound that would play every 60 seconds has been removed.
  • With the new firmware update, you’re able to create your own Bluetooth device name in the CycliqPlus mobile app. To do this, go to settings, device name and then choose your device name (up to 8 characters).
  • Ability to download previous versions of the firmware has been removed
  • SD card detection has been improved and the formatting process simplified. With this firmware update, the device will not record on a SD card below class 4 – for more information on SD cards click here.
  • USB mass storage detection has been improved when the device is plugged into a PC.
  • Fixed an issue where the brightness of the light changes when the light mode is toggled between pulse, off and constant.