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Meet the Cycliq Athletes doing Race Across America and Race Across the West

June 14, 2016

Michael Conti, Andrew ‘Metal’ Danly and Team Endeavour get ready to take on these epic races. From extreme desert temperatures to climbing the rockies- they have their work cut out for them! Get to know them better here.


This week is a big one in terms of ultra racing in the United States as Race Across America (RAAM) and Race Across the West (RAW) kick off today.

This years RAAM will see competitors from over 25 countries racing from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland. 3046 miles through 12 states with 175 000 ft of climbing, this is the ultimate ultra race and in essence, the longest time trial, as the clock only stops once you cross the finish line. Teams must finish within nine days, and soloists 12 days.

RAW covers just under the first 900 miles of RAAM, and includes the toughest terrain of the race. Through four states, the race starts with RAAM in California and ends in Durango, Colorado it is one of the four qualifying races for RAAM.

In celebration of launching Fly12 – Full HD bike camera and light, Cycliq is expanding its community to include Cycliq Athletes- a group of ambassadors and sponsored teams and individuals from across the world. Passionate, dedicated and actively trying to make a difference in the cycling scene, we are proud to introduce you to our athletes competing in RAAM and RAW 2016.

Michael Conti


Cycliq Ambassador, solo ultra cyclist Michael Conti is doing his first RAAM this year. After competing in RAW for the first time last year, and winning the King of the Desert, Conti is taking on RAAM 2016. Check out his live tracking.

Relatively new to long distance cycling, this is his fourth year of competing in 400+ mile races. From Utah, he is a full time Dad and part time cyclist who loves to smile on the bike. He is also riding for a reason- he is using RAAM as a symbol of the fight to end ALS. Check out his donation page and video and help him make a difference. In regards to RAAM, he says mountain climbers have Everest and he has RAAM. Read more about Conti’s RAW win, or follow him on Instagram for live updates.


Andrew ‘Metal’ Danly

Another Cycliq Ambassador, Metal is a massive cycling advocate. Metal clocks over 10,000 miles a year, commuting to work on a daily basis and training for ultra races on the weekends. Metal did his first RAAM in 2009 and this year he will be competing in RAW as one of the four cyclists of Monster Media Racing.

Speaking to Metal, the best part of a race for him is the exact middle – no start or finish line in sight and the entire team is up to their necks in the experience. It’s all about max effort and max recovery he says.  Keep up to date with his live tracking and keep an eye on his Facebook page for the latest updates and pictures.


Team Endeavour

Sponsored by Cycliq, Team Endeavour, a UK based group of volunteers made up of serving military and ex military. They are competing in RAAM 2016 for the first time ever. Raising funds for children and families of the Armed Forces who suffer through illness, hardship and poverty. They are raising money for Veterans in Action, Lewis Moody Foundation and Charlie’s Beach Hut. If you’re in the UK, you can donate by texting RAAM16 to 70070. If you would like to donate to their fund, you can do so here.

The team all have full time military ‘day jobs’, most of them are serious if not professional rugby players, and somehow they have all found the time to train and prepare for RAAM 2016. Follow their live tracking, check out their RAAM video or follow their journey on their Facebook page.

Keep an eye on for Cycliq Facebook and Instagram updates on Michael’s, Metal’s and Team Endeavor’s progress over the next ten days.

To Michael, Metal and all of Team Endeavour, good luck! You have got this, no matter what, just keep pedaling – you can do it!