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Iron Century – 100 Ironman in 100 Days

January 31, 2017


They kicked off on the 28th of January in Sydney, Australia. Debi Hazelden and John Mergler are attempting a world record by doing an impressive 100 Ironman in 100 days. Their main goal: raising $100,000 for the Red Cross.

John is an experienced Ironman who has been participating in the events since the late 80s. For a hundred consecutive days, he will be doing a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km run. Debi did her first ironman in Melbourne in 2012 and has been hooked since. She will swim 1.9km, ride 90km and run 21.1km (half Ironman). Between the two of them, they will clock 570km of swimming, 27,000km of riding and 6,300km of running. In total, this is 33,870km (21,046mi), which is the distance from Sydney to New York and back!

Their world record attempt takes place in Sydney’s Centennial Park and local pools in the area. The last 5 days are scheduled in Port Macquarie in the lead up to Ironman Australia. Cycliq’s Fly6 and Fly12 are used to film their athletic efforts every day and is used as proof for the world record attempt.

Debi: “It proved difficult to find a video camera that could do this length of footage. Cycliq’s cameras have phenomenal battery power compared to all other cameras, they can do up to 10 hours which is significantly more than any other.”

How do you train for such prestigious and physical challenge?

Doing a single Ironman is already prestigious, but how do you get ready for something as extraordinary as this?

Debi: “Unlike a regular Ironman, the Iron Century is not about speed, it is all about endurance and making it to the end. Thus our training focussed on building strength and endurance and making sure our bodies can handle the physical exertion.”

John: “By almost eliminating intensity from the training, recovery is quicker and physical adaption is more effective. Consolidating efficiency in all disciplines is what’s necessary to execute Iron Century. Having great sponsors on board providing us with quality equipment also really helps.”

Adding to the already difficult challenge, is nursing and looking after their 6-month old son Ryder. So how do they fit a schedule around a demanding child?
Debi: “We took turns during our training routines. While one would be cycling, the other would be running with the pram while the baby is asleep. It works quite well for us. The little one gets to spend time outside, and we get to do our exercise.”

And there is another added bonus and something that acts as a stimulus.
“We are thinking about getting married up at Port Macquarie a couple of days after the 100th day. That is, if we make it through this!” says Debi with a big smile.

Join the Challenge

Besides raising funds for the Red Cross, Debi and John also hope to inspire others to push beyond their limits. Debi and John are inviting everybody to join them on their rides and runs during the Iron Century. However, since they are not allowed to draft, please ride alongside or behind them. And if you come, please don’t forget to donate a small amount to the Red Cross!

From everybody at Cycliq, good luck and #RideSafe!

How to Donate

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