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Cycliq featured on Global Cycling Network’s Urban Commuter Challenge

August 15, 2017

Matt Stephens and Simon Richardson take on the urban commuter challenge in Berlin

We’ve heard all sorts of stories on the use of Cycliq bicycle cameras from recording cycling holidays to pro-cyclists using them for training. This week, we see the Cycliq cameras taken through their paces in Global Cycling Network’s feature commuter video on urban tech.

Ex professional cyclists Matt Stephens and Simon Richardson take on the challenge to navigate separate routes across Berlin in the Super-Commuter Challenge. Cycliq bike cameras are featured alongside Sena Smart Helmets and Schindelhauer bikes. This is a great story if you like Fixies. Watch the video to see who wins the challenge!

Two Gadgets, one solution

Both the Fly12 and Fly6 are noted for having the automatic continuous recording function for set & forget use. Simon particularly likes the cameras’ incident video protection technology where footage is automatically preserved in the event of an incident, all in HD. The long battery life of the products also means that all of this can happen without worry for up to 10 hours with the front-facing Fly12 and 6 hours with the rear Fly6.

The co-inventor of the Cycliq cameras, Kingsley Fiegert, has always considered commuters to be a key market, saying: “The most pressing issues for commuters are space and convenience. If you have multiple devices on your bike all with different functions, your handle bars can get over-crowed. This is precisely why we came up with the idea of combining a purpose-built HD bike camera with a powerful safety light. One easy-to-use unit: two gadgets, one solution.

Making roads safer

Cycliq’s mission is to make the roads safer for cyclists by having more of them using cameras. The bike cameras won’t change the outcome of an incident, but if other road users thought that all cyclists were recording their rides, it’s likely both cyclists’ and motorists’ behaviour would be modified making the roads safer for everyone.

Part of your basic Cycling gear

At Cycliq, we see a future where bike cameras are a part of the everyday for all cyclists. You get on your bike, grab your helmet and sunnies, and turn on your cameras. With our on board bicycle cameras, you have footage of your ride in the event of an incident, and you’ll increase your visibility with the safety lights to help avoid these situations in the first place. The Fly12 and Fly6 are not an extra bit of kit, they’re integrated kit. They’re not additional units, they’re simply part of your light and visibility routine, and the cameras will give you peace of mind to enjoy your journey.

The lifestyles and routines of commuters vary greatly between countries, and GCN show you how simple the Fly6 and Fly12 are to use, everyday.
By the way, check out the Schindelhauer with the Pinion Gearbox, designed by two ex-Porsche engineers — it has 12 internal and sealed gears! Want to know how durable Cycliq’s camera and light combinations are, have a look at DC Rainmaker’s blog on Fly12.