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Getting Started with your Fly6 CE

January 9, 2018

We’ve put together a series of short videos as an easy guide to getting started using your Fly6 CE in under a few minutes. For more information about your device and all of its features, read the Fly6 CE Instruction Manual.

Charging your Fly6 CE

Your Fly6 CE comes partially charged. Before using it for the first time, please charge the device fully.

To charge:
1. Connect your device to a USB wall charger (not supplied) using the supplied USB cable.
2. The charge indicating light will illuminate showing that the device is charging.
3. When the device is fully charged the LED will illuminate green.

You can charge your Fly6 CE using the USB cable provided and your computer, however this will significantly reduce the rate of charge. For the quickest charge, use a wall USB charger with a capacity of 10w 5V 2.0A.

Attaching the Seat Post Mount

Your Fly6 CE comes with a seat post mount that features the Cycliq Quick Release System™. The seat post mount is a strong, secure and reliable mounting mechanism. It is attached to the seat post using one of two different seat post straps that allow for its use on traditional or aero seat post configurations.

1. Insert either the standard or aero length seat post strap and pull all the way through until the clasp meets the seat post mount, ensuring silicon-coated surface is facing outwards to grip your seat post.

2. Select the appropriate spacer or adapter for your bike if required (0° or 7.5° spacers, and narrow or wide aero adapters). Place the spacer or adapter between the Fly6 CE seat post mount and the seat post. Choose the spacer or adapter that makes the Fly6 CE sit as vertical as possible for the best field of view.

3. While holding the seat post mount against your seat post, wrap the seat post strap around the seat post and pull through the slot at the other end of the Fly6 CE.

4. Pull strap tight, checking the seat post mount is secure.

5. Insert Fly6 CE into the mounting unit at a 45° angle, and complete a 1/8th turn until the device clicks into an upright position. A distinctive ‘click’ sound confirms the unit has been locked in place.

You can easily remove Fly6 CE from your bike by removing it from the seat post mount with a 1/8th turn. You can leave the mount on your bike for next use.

Changing Light Settings

Turn on your Fly6 CE by holding the power button for a few seconds – you’ll hear the start-up sound, followed by a series of beeps to indicate the battery level of the device (4 beeps is maximum capacity, 1 beep is less than 12% battery left). Once you’ve turned your Fly6 CE on, it will begin to record.

There are three light modes and three light dimming options:
Light modes: Constant, Flash, Pulse and OFF. Toggle these using the power button.
Dimming options: High, Medium, Low. Toggle these using the Q button.

Light modes can be accessed and customised via the CycliqPlus mobile app or via your PC or Mac. Note: There is also a ‘Light Off’ mode so you do not have to always have a light on. This is the default mode at power on out of the box.

Viewing Your Footage

After your ride, you can access your footage in three ways:
1. Connect your Fly6 CE to any PC or Mac using the supplied USB cable.
2. Remove the microSD card and read data using your PC or Mac.
3. Connect your microSD card to your smartphone by using USB OTG (On-The-Go)

Footage is saved in chronological order in MP4 format, with each segment creating a separate file.

Connecting to CycliqPlus Mobile App

All device functions can be set through the CycliqPlus mobile app – available for iOS and Android.

Time and date setting
Your footage is automatically stamped with time and date information from your smartphone when connecting to the CycliqPlus mobile app. Alternatively, you can manually input your time via your PC or Mac settings.

Light Mode Settings
This function allows you to select a range of light and dimming modes, and only these settings will be available on your Fly6 CE when in use.

Audio settings
Sets the volume of the audible alerts on your device. There are five sound volume levels, or you can set to silent.

Audible alerts
This is used to remind you that the Fly6 CE camera is recording. You can set the recording alert interval to sound every 3, 5, or 10 minutes, or you can disable it.

Video Resolution
The resolution of the video that your Fly6 CE records can be adjusted using these settings.

Video Segment Length
Video segments can be set to be recorded at 5, 10 or 15-minute segments by using this button.

Electronic Image Stabilisation
The Fly6 CE model has 6-axis image stabilisation. This function can be disabled with this button.

Video Logo Timestamp Display
This feature can be toggled on and off by using this button.

Idle mode
This feature can be toggled on and off by using this button.

Bike Alarm
This feature can be toggled on and off by using this button.