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CycliqPlus for Windows, version 2.84

September 28, 2022

A new CycliqPlus update is available for Windows.

What’s new in 2.84

Added support for Fly12 Sport

Personalise the settings on your new Fly12 Sport and review footage in the CycliqPlus app.

SD card formatter fixes

We have improved the SD card formatter when preparing SD cards for the Fly6 GEN 3.

Minimize to System tray

Choose to keep CycliqPlus running in the background when minimized.



Here’s the changes in this CycliqPlus 2.84 update for Windows:

  • Added support for the new Fly12 Sport
  • Added drag-and-drop support to delete timline segments Video editor
  • Added failed share to YouTube messages
  • Added Minimize to system try to the App settings panel
  • Faster loading of the App settings panel
  • Fixed loading Segment length options for Fly6 GEN 3
  • Fixed deleting footage from the My footage screen
  • Fixed formatting for Fly6 GEN 3

Download the latest CycliqPlus for Windows update by opening the CycliqPlus app, or from the Software page on our website.