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Cycliq launches Duo Mount on Kickstarter

November 1, 2016

Cycliq products are made for cyclists by cyclists. We appreciate good looking products that are succinct, compact and multi-functional. A great many of you asked us for a solution to mount your bike computer above your Fly12. So we set out to create something that provides this solution for almost any bike computer and any bike camera. We call it the Duo Mount.

Duo Mount specs
A lightweight, super strong and multi-functional mount, the Duo Mount is made from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and fits 31.8mm handlebars. It will be supplied with various bike computer caps making it compatible with 90% of bike computers right out of the box (no need to purchase add-ons). The caps provide compatibility for:

  • Garmin/Garmin 1000
  • Wahoo
  • Polar
  • Cateye
  • Mio/Magellan


Duo Mount design
We took the time to make the mount look beautiful and have designed something we’re proud of. The ‘bridge-like’ structure provides extra strength while the curvature makes it look elegant.

We currently have a patent pending on the design, which has a scalloped base to fit the mounting fins letting camera or lighting devices sit more succinctly. Effectively, this means your camera and bike computer sit closer to each other decreasing surface area and drag (plus we think it looks pretty cool!).

Duo Mount is a thank you to you
Kickstarter has been very important to us and helped us build and validate our business in the early days. Both Fly6 and Fly12 were launched on Kickstarter and both campaigns met their fundraising targets within a few days.

“The Kickstarter community helped build Cycliq into the company we are today and we are incredibly grateful for their support and enthusiasm. In the early days, a great many people shared our vision for Fly6 and Fly12 and we would now like to give something back to those people as a sign of our appreciation.

By launching the Duo Mount through Kickstarter, we’re giving the crowdfunding community first opportunity to purchase the mount and will do so at a significant discount. It’s a way of saying thank you for helping us to grow a successful business.” Said Andrew Hagen, Cycliq CEO.

To get your own Duo Mount, or for more information, please see our Kickstarter campaign.