Cadel Evans: Behind the Scenes on the Cadel Shoot

August 6, 2018

We are fortunate to have World Champion and Tour de France Winner Cadel Evans as a Cycliq Ambassador. With over half a million kilometres ridden and thousands of hours in the saddle, there are few cyclists more qualified to understand how to be safe on the road. Now retired from professional racing, his passion for cycling has not faded. He still travels the world, riding and racing bikes all year round.

Cadel Evans Cycliq Ambassador with Fly12 CE

Cadel’s travels recently bought him home to Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia. We jumped at the opportunity to fly across the country to catch up with him. As a man in high demand (especially during the Tour de France), our time with him was tight and it’s fair to say it didn’t go ENTIRELY to plan. But we had a great time and managed to get in some quality banter!

The weather gods were against us from the start; a howling storm was closing in from across the Southern Ocean. Not ideal for recording interviews.

By chance, we ended up sitting down with him at ‘Diver Dan’s Cabin’ (a set from a popular Australian TV show Seachange) for a chat about cycling, Cycliq, safety, and some nerding out about bikes.

Cadel Evans Cycliq Ambassador Interview

After a fun and interesting discussion, we hit the road to shoot the footage. We’d obviously further infuriated the weather gods by successfully recording our interview, so they really let us have it.

Imagine a coastal road running beside an angry crashing ocean, two burly men hanging out of the back of a small black convertible in the freezing cold wind and pouring rain, videoing and photographing the Australian Legend.

Cadel took this all in his stride, swooping around the road unflinchingly like the professional he is. However, for the sake of the camera equipment, we decided to take a break until the weather cleared.

An hour was spent in a local café beside an open fire, with nothing to do but chat. The cycling diehards among you will be pleased to know that even after 17 years in the game, he had not lost his enthusiasm for the equipment or the sport.

When a World Champ and TdF Winner asks to see a picture of your bike and what you think of the Tour, it’s a pretty surreal and exciting moment. After a full recap on his thoughts on the current TdF, the sun started to poke through, and we headed back out into the freezing cold for a few more minutes shooting without complaint from the man himself.

Cadel Evans Cycliq Ambassador with Fly12 CE onboard “Any excuse to ride my bike!”

It was a really fun experience, and we’d like to thank Cadel for being such a good sport. We hope you enjoy the results. Stay tuned to Cycliq over the next few months as we release more of the videos and photos from the day, starting with some of his thoughts on safety and cycling.