On your six

The rear-facing bike camera and light engineered for maximum safety and peace of mind.


for cyclists

Built to last

Designed in Australia, the 3rd generation Fly6 is ready for anything you can dish out.

Always recording

Auto-looping means you never run out of space on your SD card and you can easily lock any files you want to keep.

Capture number plates

Super-sharp wide-angle HD camera will catch anything you miss.

Black box technology

Hit the deck and the Fly6 automatically locks the video and audio either side of the incident.

Stand out

Be seen day or night, with multiple modes available to increase your visibility.

Ride for hours

Punch out up to 4 hours with our recommended camera and light safety settings, and more in camera-only mode. Fast 2-hour full recharge.

Fly6 CE GEN3
Black box Technology

Hit the deck and the Fly6 locks the video and audio either
side of the incident. Smart video looping means you’ll never
run out of space on your SD card.
(64GB microSD card included with purchase)

Be seen

Get home in the dark and be seen
during the day.
Light modes maximise your visibility and battery life.


Punch out up to 5 hours of continuous recording in camera‑only mode and up to 4 hours with lights on.


If the battery runs low,
HomeSafe mode kicks in
to keep the lights on.

Dish it out

Water and dust resistant for all‑weather use.

Ride, record, repeat

Easy to use

Snap on and off in seconds with a 1/8 turn quick release mounting system.

Mounting of Fly device
2-hour USB-C
fast charge
Two button
Control and share


Control your bike camera and edit or share your footage on the go.

Cycliq app
USB On The Go

Accessories for the Fly6 GEN 3


Tech specs


Runtime: 5 hours continuous recording in camera-only mode and up to 4 hours with lights on

Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (built-in, non-removable)

Size: 2000mAh

Charge port: USB-C fast charge (accepting up to 5V/2.1A)

Fast charge compatible: <1.5 hours using a 5V/2.1A charger


Bluetooth® 5.0



Max brightness: 50 Lumen

Light modes: Constant, Flash, Organic and Off

Brightness setting: High and Low (dependant on light mode)


Video modes: FHD (1080p at 30fps) or HD (720p at 60fps)

Lens angle: ~135°

Recording structure: Looping video recording

Microphone: Mono

5min FHD segment size: ~800–900MB

File format: .MP4 (MPEG-4 / H.264)


Alerts: When turning your device on or off, an audible battery status will sound, alerting you to the current battery level

Low battery alert

A recording alert notification can be set which provides a confirmation chime at 3, 5, and 10-minute intervals to notify you that your device is still recording video footage

Incident protection alert

Alert volume levels: 5 levels and off

Size and weight

Height: 7.1cm

Width: 3.5cm

Depth: 4.0cm

Weight: 77g

File Storage

Supplied microSD card size: 64GB

Max microSD card size: 256GB

Type: Class 10 microSDHC

Supported SD cards: See the full list of recommended microSD cards

Water and dust resistant

Ingress protection: IP56

The Fly6 has been designed for all-weather use and is water and dust resistant


Cycliq 1/8th turn quick release

Strap pack provided to mount the unit to your seat post (also fits aero seat posts)

See Accessories for additional mounting accessories including:

  • Rear Pannier Mount for Fly6

Temp. range

Operating temperature: 0-45°C (32–113°F)

Storage temperature: 0-45°C (32–113°F)

Learn more about the operating temperatures of Fly devices

In the box

1 x Fly6 Generation 3

1 x Cycliq 64GB microSD Card

1 x Seat post mount

1 x Standard seat post strap

1 x Aero seat post strap

1 x 0° Spacer

1 x D-shaped seat post adaptor

1 x Aero seat post adaptor

1 x Quick start guide

1 x Safety Information & Limited Warranty Guide

1 x USB to USB-C cable

1 x Safety tether


Frequently Asked Questions

Fly6 GEN 3

Are incidents saved automatically to the Fly6?

The Fly6 has a feature called incident protection mode. This mode ensures whenever your Fly6 is tilted more than 60° from vertical (or 30° from the ground) for more than five seconds the footage will be automatically saved and stored without being overwritten.

Can I manually protect video from being overwritten?

Yes. You can protect video footage from being overwritten manually by pressing the Q button on the side of the Fly6. This is useful whenever something occurs that isn’t triggered by incident protection mode. An example might be when there is a close pass by a vehicle, or you see something happen to somebody else that you want to capture for them.

Is the Fly6 waterproof?

The Fly6 is water resistant with a rating of IP56.

Can I overlay STRAVA metrics on my video footage?

Yes! Using the CycliqPlus app on Desktop you can overlay STRAVA metrics and share highlights from your ride.

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