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Frequently Asked Questions

Fly12 Sport

Compared with previous Fly12 models the Fly12 Sport has optimised battery life, new intelligent features to increase usability and improved recording capabilities.

Improvements include:

  • Size: 25% lighter than the Fly12 CE, the Fly12 Sport weighs only 148 grams/5.02 ounces
  • Battery life: Software optimised to provide 7 hours of continuous recording in camera only mode and 6.5 hours of continuous recording with the light on in low pulse mode (camera resolution set at 1440p.)
  • Resolution: Fully upgraded Quad High Definition imaging system.
  • Screen: Intuitive OLED screen.

The Fly12 Sport has an all new smaller and smarter look. The Fly12 Sport was redesigned to allow for the following features without compromising existing features;

  • Smaller light weight design
  • New OLED screen
  • Fully upgraded Quad High Definition imaging system
  • Optimised battery performance

The Fly12 Sport’s new rear OLED display screen provides device status information and allows the configuration of some settings via the device menu system.

The main functions of the display screen can be toggled by pressing the function button.

The Fly12 Sport has the same Cycliq quick release system as the Fly12 CE, meaning all mounting accessories are compatible with both products. These incudes the universal adapter, the handlebar mount and the duo mount.

Due to the reduced size of the Fly12 Sport, unfortunately the Fly12 CE silicone case and lens protectors are not compatible. But specific Fly12 Sport silicone cases and lens protectors are available.

The Fly12 Sport is water resistant with a rating of IP56.

However, please be sure to close the rubber flap on the side of the Fly12 Sport before each ride.

Yes. 6-axis Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) provides enhanced image smoothness regardless of the terrain or surface you’re riding on.

This allows the Fly12 Sport to record smoother video in greater detail; please note this feature is not available in HDR mode.

There are five different resolution settings you may select to record your ride in.

  • 2880x2160p @ 24fps (4K playback)
  • 2560x1440p QHD @ 30fps
  • 1920x1080p FHD @ 60fps
  • 1920x1080p HDR @ 30fps
  • 1280x720p HD @ 120fps

The Fly12 Sport has a feature called incident protection mode. This mode ensures whenever your Fly12 Sport is tilted more than 60° from vertical (or 30° from the ground) for more than five seconds the footage will be automatically saved and stored without being overwritten.

Yes. It is easy to take a photo with your Fly12 Sport by pressing and holding the Q button.

This is a useful feature should you wish to capture a specific image rather than scrolling through video footage to take a screenshot.

Yes. You can protect video footage from being overwritten manually by pressing the Q button on the side of the Fly12 Sport.

This is useful whenever something occurs that isn’t triggered by incident protection mode. An example might be when there is a close pass by a vehicle, or you see something happen to somebody else that you want to capture for them.

You can view and edit footage using CycliqPlus on mobile or Desktop.
After your ride, you can access your footage in a variety of ways;

  1. Connecting the Fly12 Sport to a desktop using the supplied USB cable.
  2. Using a Cycliq microSD OTG Card Reader

Yes. Using CycliqPlus on desktop and mobile you can overlay Strava metrics and share highlights from you ride.