Ted King


Fast facts


Brentwood, New Hampshire


31 Jan, 1983


Stowe, Vermont

Bike of Choice



  • Beach cruising The Coast Ride. Thanks Scotty Witthoff for taking the bull by the horns and running this crazy show. Equally enormous thanks goes to @ingambatours for the hospitality, and to our roving peloton which did a great job keeping skin intact and fun pinging at a 10. Time to rest up a bit. Next stop, a massive rest then @sugarcane_200.
  • With everyday scenes like these, yeah, Healdsburg and @milldistricthealdsburg is on my map as a place to enjoy the ride. Check out the article in the link in my profile from @sfchronicle 🗞 // photo credit @kimcarrollphoto
  • Let it snow let it snow let it snowwwwww🎶 There’s likely a whole lot of value on what’s riding on your bike rack. Neither rain nor snow nor mud nor slushy winter conditions will come in the way of protecting the ones you love when you use @zealprogear (...I’m of course referring to your bikes. Definitely keep the people you love IN the car).
  • What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? You might this it’s R... BUT THE SEAAAAA IS HIS TRUE LOVE! // Coast to coast, Vermont to Arkansas to California, it’s now time to pillage some west coast gravel (and roads and other such excellence on two wheels).
  • Here’s to looking forward! Buuuuut first a quick look back: 2019 was an amazing year of funny faces and muddy faces. It was new places for bike races. (Occasionally even winning them 🏆). It wasn’t just races; it was bike RIDES, competitive and non, it was family, and a growing family 🍼 . Last year, now way way back five days ago, means time to be ready for 2020 — it’ll be something for the ages! 🗓 // Thanks @anseldickey for all the super sweet pictures and shooting #Kingoftheride #gravel #gravelcycling #bikes #bikesaresweet #hashtagsareweird
  • 🎶 Dashing through the snow on a two horse open sleigh...! 🛷 ‘Twas a fun evening on this shred sled. This @ridecannondale Synapse has seen more than its share of terrain; the inaugural ride was a very successful @sbtgrvl and after wrapping up summer with lots more VT gravel, it’s seen plenty of slushy New England mud. Ho ho ho!
  • KILLER BOOTS MAN! I don’t wear Christmas cardigans often, so you know when I do you know it’s important. Or at least it’s a Dumb and Dumber reference plus festive for the holidays! 🎁 Fun day hanging at @roka with my occasional doppelgänger, @jessemthomas — podcast coming soon 🎙 Check out the link in my profile for your last minute holiday shopping guide. Bonus: all aviators are 20% off at ROKA.com. Tell them Derek Zoolander sent you. #bluesteel
  • Won’t lie, I’m more than just a little bit pumped with this year-end #1 ranking. Thanks @puregravel 👊 It’s been a long year. Heck, it’s been a long four years since @rebeccarusch goaded me into trying out @dirtykanza in 2016. I never planned to be a “gravel racer”. In fact I still cringe at that term and just prefer “guy who’s riding his bike”. But one thing has lead to another and here I am riding bikes, racing bikes, and having a blast in the process. It was a year of lots of almosts so to end on a high note, well, noteS rather, with wins at @sbtgrvl and @unpavedpennsylvania makes the stoke run high. Thanks to everyone who’s made this possible. See you in 2020! 🍼
  • Oh Baby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Marriage and bike riding and traveling and all that jazz is perfectly fun, but after a whole lot of these adventures with you I’m definitely the most pumped for parenthood. 😘

"Win, lose, or draw, in competition or just being on my bike with friends old or new is a blast."


Ted says:

Getting into cycling

My older brother was a successful racer, I followed him.

Favourite locations

Vermont, Chianti, Girona and Northern Sonoma.

Biggest cycling moment

Racing the TdF; I never thought I’d make it to Europe, let alone the Tour.

Pre race ritual

Coffee and oatmeal, have my bike prepped, get enough sleep, be ready to roll.

Biggest cycling tip

Take pictures.
That and wear sunscreen!

Moments you wish you had footage

Being crashed out of the Tour - I’d be curious.