Jess Cerra


Fast facts


Whitefish, Montana


1 May, 1982


Encintas, California

Bike of Choice

Scott Addict


  • Love this woman like family 🤍 And she loves me back, even though I dance like spaghetti being thrown against the wall (pic 2). She had ACL surgery today so wanted to remind her of some good times and keep her focused on more to look forward to 🤎 @jshawesome
  • Over dodging manhole 🕳 covers and cars 🚗??? Well you’re in luck because we just opened up one final spot for a previously SOLD OUT Gravilla Femenina!
Unfortunately one camp guest will be having ACL repair, not from a manhole cover or pothole but from an ice sheet disguised as snow, instead of attending camp 🤕
Fortunately one more lucky woman can take that spot and spend three glorious days out on the groads and trails around Southern California.  Let me tell you, the route we have in store for Saturday is unreal! ⛰🚵🏽‍♀️🌲☀️
DM me if you are interested!
Pic: @spencerrathkamp
  • My life has changed pretty dramatically recently. I’ve taken on @jojebar full time, and without the help of @boardmanito I would be doing it completely alone.  Fortunately, he would never hear of such a thing.
This shift has altered everything and I’ve welcomed it. I don’t train like a full-time athlete anymore (wait did I really ever 🤔) but I mean for real. I ride on Wednesday, Saturday and and Sunday and I make the most of that.  And, hey, I feel rested and eager (from a physical standpoint) ALL OF THE TIME!  It would be dishonest to say that I don’t have a few extravagant pity parties from time-to-time while I watch all the pro riders, staying at our house this month, sail off into the sunshine on bikes.  But my new goals are intriguing and exciting and take a full commitment to something foreign and challenging in their own right.
The balance starts there, and it ends somewhere with me catering up a storm and curating Gravilla Femenina with @whit.allison + many more cycling camps to come.  And then there is the minor detail of the prep to launch into my first season of gravel racing, schedule soon to be announced.
So my life has changed dramatically, but how did I get this lucky to have these be the changes that I report on social media? Or as @guy.raz would say “is it luck or hard work, or some combination of both?” In my mind, I haven’t reached success yet, so I will report back on that one day.  For now, I’m grateful for the support of my friends, my family, Sam and his family, and the cycling community.
📷 @spencerrathkamp
  • Racing the sunset 🌅
📷: @spencerrathkamp
  • .
a) Pro AF
b) The real #pizzawatts
c) Clearly I’ve been failing my nutrition 
d) All of the above
  • The Nutcracker affects people differently...🤸🏽‍♀️
  • After spending two days hauling @jojebar from our co-manufacturer to our fulfillment center, I can only imagine how exhausted Santa is 🤪🎅🏼
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🎄 H a p p y • H o l i d a y s 🎄
  • Charcuterie “shahr-cute-uh-ree”
“The art of preparing and assembling cured meats...paired with different accompaniments, such as toast, fruit and cheese.”
  • Why is gravel riding/racing growing so quickly? Why is the feeling of being completely smashed, covered in mud empty-to-the-core, devastated looking on the outside but jumping-for-joy on the inside so addicting?
Is it the community? The courses? The people? The fact that you can consume 25 pieces of pizza without feeling full? Or that someone is always handing you a frothy beer?
🎤 Hear my take in the latest addition of the @cyclingtips “Freewheeling” podcast by @abimickey 🚴🏽‍♀️ Also with @amtetrick and @oliviadill who both know more than me ha!
🎧 Give it a listen! Link in Profile. We’ve also opened a couple more spots for Gravilla Femenina - An Intro to Gravel for Endurance Women Camp hosted by myself and @whit.allison and featured in the podcast.

"My mom hired the neighbor to teach me to ride. He tried to hold me up and I rode away from him. I made a connection with the bike that day."


Jess says:

Pre race ritual

Coffee, food, favorite music on the headphones.

Best advice received

You will never regret
being nice.

Getting into riding...

Started riding mountain bikes in 2007 and did my first race.

Favourite climb

Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

Favourite way to unwind

I love when I can go home and pour a glass of wine and put some thought into dinner.

My cycling inspiration

My JoJé bar partner John. He was hit and nearly died... he was racing a year later.